Monday, May 24, 2010

Too Busy to Photograph!

Hard to believe, when it seems my camera has been surgically attached sometimes, but these last few days I've just been too busy in the garden to take photos!

The peas are finally trellised - ten rows. I ran out of twin about half way through and the whole project had to be put on hold until I got more.

And now the greens are planted. Truthfully, these really could've gone in weeks ago, but that whole snow/frost thing keeps me conservative when it comes to planting. The packages may say the plants are cold tolerent, but what if that's only in Florida, where cold is 70 degrees?

The spuds are in, too. Only a little over two beds this year - no where near as many as last year. This is probably just as well...just in case I get a job offer and have to move!

The beds are slowly filling back up with weeds, though. The paths in between the beds are overgrown with dandelions. Where did they all come from! some are trying to reach knee-height, but so far have been unsuccessful. I mowed some of them down yesterday, but the rest remain, thumbing their proverbial noses at me.

Meanwhile, the drip irrigation system is on the fritz. I bought new batteries for the timer, but after working for about two minutes, it went on the blink. I finally took the whole thing apart and found the inside full of corrosion! One bit even fell off - its wires completely corroded through. I've called Dripworks (twice) to ask them if the thing was under any kind of warrenty (I've only had it two years, and didn't use it hardly at all last year), but so far they have not had the courtesy to call back. Beware the power of the internet, Dripworks - an unsatisfied customer can wreak havoc on your reputation!

So, in the meantime, I've got the hose hooked up and every evening am out there watering.

HHH weather is here (Hazy, Hot, Humid). The exhaust fan is on at night. The dog and I lie there unable to sleep in the heat trapped in the house. And it's only May.

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