Sunday, April 25, 2010

And Now a Splash of Color

Things are really starting to pop around the yard and in the gardens. For those of you who live further south, this will be a flashback to maybe a month ago. But things progress a bit more slowly up here in the mountians, yet even for us, things are blooming early this year.

Buds on the white (snowball?) crabapple. Last year was the first time it had blossoms - about a half dozen. More are on the way for this year. I can't wait!

Little pink primroses are just starting to bloom.

My favorites, though, are the yellow primroses.

How sweet they are!

The grape hyacinths have been in bloom for upwards of a couple weeks now and are beginning to show their age.

The PJM rhododendrons are coming along nicely, too. Most of the open flowers are squashed against the side of the house, but soon the ones facing the yard will open, too.

And then there are the tulips. These lovely pointy-petalled specimens have really opened up in just the last couple of days.

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