Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's a Sprout!

Every day I gaze at my trays of planted tomato seeds, hoping to see those first signs of life. I diligently water the soil, and keep the grow-lights on. Then one day, something different catches my eye. Could it be? A sprout? YES!

Within four days, the new green growths are appearing in "pot" after "pot" (each tray has eight sets of four "pot" sections).

Usually I start my seeds in tiny cell trays, and once they get their first true leaves, I transplant them to the larger cell "pots". This year I thought I'd save myself a step and planted directly into the larger pots. Unfortuntely, I tended to over plant each one - more than one seed (hey, you never know, some of those seeds might be duds). So, now I will still have to either weed out the extras, or fill up more pots and transplant the spares. I'll have plenty of tomatoes for surplus this year.

Do you want to try some interesting varieties? Then stop by in May and I will surplus some of my seedlings your way!

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