Tuesday, February 23, 2010

They're Baa-aack

Ah - just when I thought the battle was won, reinforcements came in.

Yes, it's the fruit, uh, vinegar flies once again. In the worm box.

In January I finally decided to give the poor starving worms some food - after all, it had been three months or so since I last fed them. The fruit/vinegar flies seemed to have disappeared, there were no eggs or larvae on the sides of the bin. So, I dumped in some slimy old greens and covered 'em up.

A couple weeks later, I dumped in some more slimy greens, and turned the "soil" to cover this new offering. Hm...still lots of uneaten greens from the first batch. And what are all those white things? Fruit/vingegar fly eggs?

A couple weeks ago I went to add a third batch of greens, and discovered the sides of the bin covered once more with "rice" - the flies are definitely back.


I'm beginning to wonder if this worm composting is all it's cracked up to be.

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