Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

It was about a week after I placed my last seed order that we received word from on high that the facility where I work is slated for closure later in the year. Translation: unemployment. It's been a hard blow to absorb, and the fallout spreads far.

For example, now I have over $400 worth of seeds in my fridge. Will I be around this summer to tend a garden? What about in the fall when it comes time to harvest?

Do I take a chance that I'll still be here and start my tomatoes (I'll have to get them going soon)?

If I don't plant, and I'm still here come fall, then I'll have to purchase my veg all the next year! I've already spent the money for the seeds...I'd hate to have to buy the veg, too, especially if funds run low. I suppose I could always live on rice and beans.

I've decided not to invest in the greenhouse this year. That money may have to go towards mortgage and/or car payments.

If I have to move, and I've put in the garden, could I get someone else to tend it and reap the harvest, or will it become a perk for the buyer(s)? I'd hate to have it all rot and/or go to seed.

So many questions; so many decisions to make.

Rough times ahead.


sharp green pencil said...

Ellen thank you for your lovely comments on the blog. My greatest sympathies.. If its any consolation we live from one month to another not knowing if the job will continue and if it all goes pear shaped will have to leave the country as we are Brits...which explains why I don't have a garden!! Thinking of you! and wishing you well.. Toby looks adorable I am rather wanting to get back to painting dogs!They are my other passion which I cant indulge because we are temporarily here!! as you say decisions decisions..

Woodswoman Extraordinaire said...

UGH! Somehow I missed this post when it went up. I'm sorry about your facility closing and job troubles. Any news on that front? Will you be planting after all? I'll be thinking of you and hoping you stumble on a fantastic job very soon...