Monday, July 13, 2009

We need SUN!

How can we have such a wet summer (okay, Newcomb hasn't had the feet of rain the rest of the state has had, but it has rained just about every day for a month and a half) and things not grow? Because they need SUNLIGHT as well. Our daily temps have been in the 50s and 60s. Very pleasant as far as I'm concerned, but the garden needs some heat.

I've never seen such short plants in my gardens! Holy cats! Tomatoes are barely a foot tall. I've only just harvested my first peas -about a dozen pods. It was enough to give Toby his veg serving at dinner. This time last year I was harvesting peas by the bowlful every day! But at least the vines now have some blossoms on them. One variety (I have to consult the garden map to figure which one it is) has the most beautiful blossoms - will have to skillfully acquire a camera and get photos.

I've actually begun weeding potatoes. As in: the potatoes are the weeds. I've got 'taters growing in almost every bed - I needed to remove some so the broccoli and tomatoes could have a chance! Seems like my potato-digging skills leave a lot to be desired. This year I will have to go about the potato harvest with a vengence.

And did you hear about the potato and tomato blight that is crossing the US? That's what you get from buying cheap stock at the Big Box Stores. I haven't heard of it hitting our neck of the woods yet...CPB are enough of a headache, but I'd rather deal with them!


Luke T. Bush said...

Do you consider Plattsburgh to be in your neck of the woods? Recent article in the local newspaper:

Devastating plant fungus found in Plattsburgh
Tomato, potato growers warned of quick-moving disease


Luke T. Bush said...

Looks like the link gets cut off, at least on this computer. Let me reformat it so that it fits.

The article was by Lucas Blaise, published June 29th.