Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunflowers Galore

I was on my way to Marcellus for a job interview yesterday when I passed this field of sunflowers somewhere west of Utica, along Route 365.

There was a field on each side of the road. How could I not stop and photograph them?

Meanwhile, back in the home garden, the peas are finishing up. I have discovered that peas ripen rather predictably: first you get a handful, then for a couple days a bowlful. The next two days you get a fairly good harvest, followed by one day that is a whopper. After this, the harvest slows, with a couple smallish batches, then maybe a bowlful.

Now you can miss a day without worrying you've let too many get giant-sized. Soon you think, "Do I really need to harvest any more? Maybe I can leave the rest and save them as seed for next year. Think of the money I'll save!"
All told, it's over in about a week and a half.

It's a happy thing to have filled the freezer with peas for winter, but it's equally a happy thing to not have to blanch anything more for a while - especially when the weather is so hot and humid.

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