Friday, January 15, 2010

The Seeds are Ordered!

Despite the tenuous state of things economically, I decided to finish placing my seed orders. I figured that if nothing else I will at least have food this summer!

So, orders went out on Tuesday to Fedco, Baker Creek, Seed Savers Exchange, Turtle Tree Biodynamics, and the Maine Potato Lady (I keeping wanting to call her the Maine Spud Lady).

I decided to stick to the tried and true this year: peas, pole beans, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, greens, squash and pumpkins. No wheat. No broccoli. No cauliflower. No eggplants, peppers, rutabagas, millet or fava beans (although the favas were great for bees and as a green manure). I passed on bush beans, too - the pole beans are just so much better! I'll give beets one more try, but after this year, if they don't grow, I'll bag them, too.

I have to go through my leftover seeds from last summer to see what remains. I probably have some corn left...maybe I'll try it again. After three years of trying corn, though, and only getting four ears that were edible, it seems like a lesson in futility.

Now I'll just have to remember to order my onion sets (I've finally given up trying to grow them from seed). This year I think I will pass on the ciprolini - they may be gourmet, but they are a pain in the butt to peel and cut. The walla-wallas will probably get passed, too - they have a very short shelf life! Copra, the tried and true storage onions, will be the onion of choice. Maybe I'll look try a new variety. Hm...maybe a red onion...

I had great plans to get a greenhouse up and running this year, thanks to the wonderful posts and encouragement of El over at Fast Grow the Weeds. I even contemplated getting some other gardeners in town to chip in, making it a group effort. But I need to wait and see if employment is still on the horizon before I make a large financial committment like that.

In the meantime, it'll soon be time to clean off the kitchen counters and table, check the grow lights, clean out the seed starting trays and purchase some seed-starting soil. Before long I'll be starting the tomato seeds. Here's hoping late blight is a thing of the past this year!

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