Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Revenge on the Fruit Flies

The Saga Continues...

So, I went back home and found an old shower curtain upon which to dump the contents of the worm bin. It was a pretty soggy mess. Lots of worms, very happy worms, although I suspect being dumped outside where it was about 40 degrees curbed their happiness. Hopefully, it also did in some fruit flies.

The small, rice-like white things are the sub-adult fruit flies. Maybe you can't see them...just as well. Ugh!

I shredded some newspapers, a school newsletter, and any other regular paper I had on hand and filled the bottom of the box. The whole soggy contents were poured back into the box and more papers were added on top.

Idefix, making sure no worms, or fruit flies, escape.

And now we wait. I should probably leave the lid off, to let the contents dry out, but I just don't relish the idea of having all those fruit flies (and there are hundreds and hundreds of them) loose in the house. "They" might say you can vacuum them up, but I'd just as soon not have to do that! Die, Maggots!

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Carole said...

I must admit, I am morbidly fascinated with your somewhat horrifying bin of creatures there. :-P I think you are wise to keep the bin closed. We ended up having a fruit fly problem - my husband threw a couple of his banana peels in the trash can in our bedroom which sat for too long. We discovered that wine happens to be a wonderful bait when we tried to sit in bed with a glass of wine, only to find it filling with nose diving fruit flies. So if you are a wine drinker, DEFINITELY don't open the bin! :-D Keep us updated on "the bin".