Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Blast from the Past

I picked up a roll of film (remember film?) Monday and discovered it had photos from last fall's harvest! Very colorful - a must for this blog. So, I took photos of the photos so I could have digital renditions to post here.

The gleanings from Fall Harvest 2008.

I took a stab at growing dried beans.
It's not worth it - you don't get a lot of bang from your buck.
Still, they are lovely; I especially like the black and white
ones in the middle.

Runner Beans - I thought I'd try saving them to plant in 2009 -
we'll see if any sprout this spring!

Toby, exhausted from a day of harvesting.

And this is the reason for growing sunflowers!
By now the remaining heads are well picked over - not a seed left.

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