Monday, June 9, 2008

Finding the Bright Side

I figure that everything must have a bright side. And these last few days, I've been trying to discover the bright side of these Guamish days. I think I've found the garden.

Yep - the heat and humidity have done wonders for the growth of garden plants! Two days ago I could just see the tops of a handful of the pole beans I planted a couple weeks ago; yesterday they were all up, 3-4" tall, and reaching for the trellis strings! Holy cats! The peas are now climbing the trellises; the potatoes are looking robust! Why, I wouldn't be surprised to see the squash and pumpkin seeds I planted three days ago sprouted and producing fruit when I get home tonight!

I bet if I put up a lawn chair and sat there and watched, I could actually see the hop vines growing. Maybe hops are our northern equivalent to kudzu (growth-wise, that is).

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